Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Development Circles The Strangest Events That Can Occur

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A development circle is usually a particular group of people who meet on a regular basis to progress in the spiritual medium usually lead by someone who has progressed down the psychic medium-ship path. Over years many interesting events have occurred in circles. Normal development circles tend to be ordered and well managed by the leader or psychic medium in charge of leading the group’s development. This usually takes the form of various members bringing forward spirits for others in the group. The older the group, the more advanced they tend to be and the really interesting and strange events that can occur, usually occur in these psychic groups.

One interesting thing that does occasionally occur is when someone goes into trance medium-ship and produces ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is basically a substance that is exuded by a medium who has gone into a trance and whose body has been taken over by a spirit. This spirit then uses the ectoplasm to form a voice box to speak to the people of the group. Usually a trumpet is placed in the center of the circle. This has been verified as being genuine phenomena and many people have been witness to this psychic experience over the years. This is extremely interesting as the spirits coming through speaks in the voice of the spirit coming through. This can also go a step further and the spirit can aport item’s to the members of the circle. This is a very interesting thing to happen. The spirit brings gifts from out of thin air and they get dropped into the lap of the various people in the circle. During this entire time the psychic medium remains seated in their chair in a trance.

Anyone experiencing this will never ever forget it. This is something so out of the ordinary that it truly is one of the strangest events that can happen during a circle. When I read one of Estelle Roberts’ books, it described clearly how this had happened during one of her experiences and I personally found the entire episode totally fascinating. This, to me, showed how truly remarkable this lady was. She was one of those people who used the trumpet in the centre of her circle and would connect with people with the greatest success every time. Estelle was truly one of the great ladies of the intuitive world.

When going into a psychic circle you can never tell what is going to happen. This means that by sitting with others the spirits that wish to come through will. Any spirit that wishes to come through will do so. The interesting part is anyone can talk and they will, should they so wish.

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