Saturday, May 29, 2010

How A Phone Medium Works

You may be interested in how a phone medium actually works and in fact how can it be possible. The answer lies in our energy field and the energy fields which surround us.
We need first of to go back to grass roots and look at the the way the spirit relates to the physical body. A great of mystery surrounds the subject of what are known as our subtle bodies and the chakras but they all relate back to the whole that is the human being, mind, body, spirit, mental emotional.

The spirit is the true essence of our being, it enters at conception and leaves at death. We then have layers of consciousness that make us up these are senses, feelings and inner senses. The spirit motivates the physical body and has a closer connection than many realise, it is your driving force and creativity. The spirit expresses itself through the subtle bodies. These are made up of the physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and intuitional body, the soul is the element involved with our reason to be on the mortal plain and what we have come here to achieve.

The phone medium reader taps into these energy fields by raising his or her vibration so they can pick up the energy and communication from the finer world which is the spirit world.

If you learn to tap into your spiritual side or even experience a medium phone reading you can find out how to channel and access your own spiritual nirvana – we are not taught these things at school and many find out by accident or when its too late – make sure you’re in the know!!!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Seek An Accurate Tarot Reader

The word accuracy should be held in relative terms when it concerns tarot readings. If by accuracy we mean a tarot whose reading will be one hundred percent accurate then that might be unattainable. Accuracy of tarot psychic readings should be in the neighbourhood of seventy five percent and thereabouts. Tarot readers are primarily a card reader who relies on what he makes out – which are 78 card symbols to make predictions. It is very important to understand how tarot psychic readings work and what to expect from their readings. Psychic tarot readings, depending on the way one looks at it involves two strands of readings.

There are those who regard themselves as fortune tellers or diviners, for such people they base their predictions solely on what they are able to make out in the symbols of the 78 cards they use. They rely on what they are able to judge of the physical appearance of the cards. There are those that regard themselves as spiritualists, they also rely on the physical meaning of the cards but also factor in the clients spiritual factor. In order words they are called spiritual counsellors. Understanding the skills of the tarot reader is very important in understanding the type of services you will be expecting from them.

Tarot psychic readings can be done anywhere: be it in the home town, by the telephone or even through the Internet through chat and email services. Finding an accurate tarot psychic reading is a very simple and straightforward process. First it is now known that a tarot reader should make use of 78 cards with varying symbols. This is possible for those that engage in face to face services. However, for those using the phone and Internet services, they can find accurate services by several means. First they have to make using of free samples. The free samples should be absolutely free.

The scammers can always be detected through their avoidance of free samples where they start demanding money without exhausting the free sample option.
There are ethics that are guiding the tarot, it is necessary to demand the ethics of the advisor before engaging with his or her services. The ethics should clear and anyone who refuses to disclose the ethics can be avoided. The ethic is the general acceptable standard that is guiding the practice anybody who refuses to disclose his own or refuses to abide by them can never be accurate.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skills Of Psychics

One type of psychic reading skill is clairaudience. This is yet another brand of psychic readers who adopt a different method in arriving at their messages. The clairaudience use extra sensory perception of hearing. They hear what is beyond human and convey the message to the client. They have the extra sensory hearing ability such that they are the only ones who can interpret what they hear no other psychic who did not have that skill can interpret them.Tarot skill is of course another skill used in psychic reading. A tarot uses the divination process to arrive at the reading. He makes use of 78 tarot cards.

The cards have different colours and symbols and each colour and symbol represents something significant in the psychic world. It is only a tarot reader who has undergone the training that will be able to decode what each colour and picture means. In the process of divination the cards are displaced while the seeker informs the reader of his mission. After listening the cards are tossed around. The reader then decodes the way the cards are arranged. Through the cards arrangement and the pictures the reader reveals his findings to the seeker or the client.It is very clear now that there are different psychic skills and abilities and one needs to take time to find the skills the reader he wants to consult possess to know whether he will be able to proffer a solution to his problems.

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