Monday, January 9, 2012

Remote Viewing – Exploring the paranormal boundaries

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One of the skills of a highly developed psychic is the one where the psychic is able to “see” objects and people who exist far away in their “mind’s eye” and are able to describe them clearly and effectively wherever they are. This is an ability that is not very common even amongst those people who have paranormal abilities. Remote Viewing is a term that was coined by parapsychologists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff when they were describing phenomena of being able to give information about objects that are not physically visible and exist in a distance from the person “seeing” them.

Remote viewing is an exercise that has been analyzed by governmental agencies in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Experiments have been conducted in both laboratory and operational settings to see how far a mind can see and perceive objects and people which are at a great physical distance. Scientists have proven that the human mind has the capacity to perceive distant objects when the brain emits electrical waves at 4 to 5 Hz. As the mind is in a state of deep meditation, the psychical abilities of the person work in tandem with the Theta waves and the person is able to see clearly across the span of space.

Remote viewing is a great tool to build concentration and help a mind to meditate and acquire a balanced state. By learning to remote view, a person can hone his or her psychic abilities, increase inner peace and release the bonds that hold back one’s latent talents. By expanding one’s mind, the innermost desires of the person are known and conscious efforts to make those desires come true can be put in. There are many people who seek the services of people who have the ability to remote view. Amongst the most common of uses is to find lost property or people but nowadays, remote viewers have become popular for finding petroleum and other precious natural minerals.

Most psychics who can remote view also have the ability to predict future changes in stock markets and can therefore help people make the right calls in business. There have been instances where law enforcement agencies have used the skills of remote viewers to solve mysterious cases and trace runaways. Remote viewing is also one of the psychic skills that can be learnt thorough exercises and constant training. Once the mind is able to delve deep into a person’s abilities and enhance the person’s capacity to see on a different plane, remote viewing is something that we can teach ourselves.